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On behalf of The Viettutstv Group, we welcome you to our forum. Before you start, we’d like you to spend a few minutes to carefully read our Terms and Conditions of Use. We believe we deserve the right to ask you so and it definitely helps bridging the comprehensive understanding between us.


• are non-profit educational online products, developed by Viettutstv Groups.

• We’d like to send a message of peace and love to all of you as you’re about to go through this sharing and exchanging processes. And we believe you’ll enjoy it since the materials shown here do collectively cover a full spectrum of all fields in multimedia business.

• Our objective, through this forum, is to solely contribute our best effort to those who are practically in need of tutorials for their learnings.

• We at are indiscriminate of races, religions, laguages and geographical locations. We welcome you from all walks of life.
Conditions of Use

1. Do not use for any distribution purposes or for inciting riots, violence or any forms of terrorism.

2. Do not use for divisive purposes in terms of religions or ethnicity.

3. Do not use for any political issues related to policies or guidelines of any political institutions.

4. Do not use for violation regarding intellectual property rights.

5. Do show your coutesy when using materials for for non-profit purposes.

6. Do contact us at "advfxplus. @" when using materials if used for commercial purposes.

7. Do not alter in whole or in part any of materials at any forms.

8. Any individual or organization fail to conform those restrictions mentioned above, their memberships will automatically and permanently be removed from our forum.

9. are open forums and we welcome all walks of life joining us with good will.

10. Last but not least, we hope you’d find all useful and practical materials here. And we reach our hands in sincere to join yours with hope altogher we can build a better world, one day at a time.


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